Saturday, July 8, 2017

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Saturday, July 8, 2017

What the Beck???

Animal Sitting
I loved every minute!
Farm Cats are an interesting group. They were so happy 
when I arrived, because it didn't take them long to figure 
out my purpose was to feed each and every one of them.  
Of course, they are feral so there is no cuddling or petting
just a lot of hissing and backing away, at least until
I set the bowl down.

Another problem with feral cats is how quickly they are multiplying. Denise is getting concerned about the 
sheer number of them. Being feral, they are almost 
impossible to catch to spay or neuter. I do love that 
they keep the mice away. They are very active at night. 
I have awakened to find several on the porch or roaming 
around the outside of the buildings. I am happy to 
have them lower the rodent population in the area.

The horses also became used to my routine visits. I 
was walking back by the barns when I spotted "Mister" 
peering at me between the buildings.  He must have 
cantered into the barn, because he was already in the barn 
and next to the door that I had to enter to feed them.

Snow is so sweet and gentle. She is quite a lovely lady. 
She is always polite and never uses her body to get around 
me or beat me into the stall, unlike "Mister" who tries to 
race me there.

Zeus is such a beautiful dog. He can be a fierce guard 
dog if someone unknown is coming onto their property. 
I had to feed him on the front porch, because Liza would 
eat anything he didn't finish.

One of the quirky things that Zeus does is eat his dinner 
lying down. He ate well when I stayed with him, but if 
I decided to go back home early, he would stop and 
"see me out." I never knew if he went back and finished 
his dinner or if Liza would sneak up and eat the leavings.

He really does enjoy eating.

Liza loves to eat. I would feed the cats first and then 
put a scoop into her bowl. After that, I would race 
to the front porch to feed Zeus.

Zeus always watched me walk home. Emily has a 
fabulous dog. I do pay attention when he barks at 
something, because that way he is sorta guarding 
my house, too.

Homeward bound!

A big THANK YOU to the entire Barnett
family for allowing me to help out with their
animals. I had such a great time and would be
happy to "animal sit" again.

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