Thursday, June 8, 2017

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Thursday, June 8, 2017

What the Beck???

McGill and Tim!!!!

Bill and Donna!!!!

The Pool Comes Down

This is a nice pool.  It is pretty big and is about four feet deep.
Unfortunately, my insurance company insisted that it be
fenced in, which was an expense I didn't want at this time.
I am also not really a pool person.

I gave the pool to a wonderful couple, Richard and Miranda
and their beautiful daughter Phoenix.
The first thing they took out on Memorial
Day was the deck.

All that was left was the cement footings,
which they took home the next day.

We began by using one hose to empty the water.
Overnight, that really didn't even make a dent,
so we started three more hoses, and it was draining
as they took down the deck and loaded it and the
pool supplies and toys on the trailer.

On Day two, the water was all out and Richie, Richard's 
Dad, came and released the liner.

"and the walls came a'tumblin' down."
Okay, not really.  It was a lot of work
for the two to begin winding up the 
walls.  It was extremely heavy!

They dug these holes to get the posts or poles out.

I love the way the father and son worked together!
They are great people.

It is almost rolled up, and then the terrible
trip getting it to the truck.

 It is all gone, and I have been scooping
the rocks and dirt into the holes.
Braden and JT, my neighbors, helped me.

This mound of weeds has been sprayed with
Round-Up, thanks to Robbie Blanford.  When it is 
all dead and cleaned out, I plan to get the pool area 
filled in and seeded. Then, I will once again have a 
perfect rolling lawn. 

It looks so bare, but soon it
will be just beautiful and green.

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