Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saturday, June 24, 2017

What the Beck???

What can be more fun than 
talking to cattle???
I'm sure you have already figured out that I LOVE cattle!
Look at that sweet baby.

It was a really hot day, so they were resting 
in the share of the lane. When I talk to them,
they really do make eye contact. 

 I talk to them all of the time, so they don't even 
flinch anymore when I pull up, open the window, 
and have a quick conversation.  OMG that sounds 
like I have lost my mind.  Oh please - y'all know 
that you talk to your pets, too. Okay, these are not
my pets, but I love them. Denise, have I lost my mind??


 Pot #1:  When I planted this pot, I hoped that it would fill out.

My hopes came true.  When you keep Coleus and potato vine in 
partial shade, they do very well and fill out completely.

Pot #2:  It was quite pretty,

 but now it is breathtaking. I do turn the
pots every week so the plants grow up rather
than lean toward the sun.


 After the men left, and the girls started playing in the yard,
I just broke into tears. I have waited for this moment for so
long. It gave me tremendous pleasure to see my girls so happy!
Sabrina is finally leash-free.

 Sabina is so beautiful. She can now drop
the two pounds she gained, since she can run
like the wind again.

Sage was investigating the yard.
When she was finished, we played
a game of Frisbee. She was one happy girl.

Now, we can mow the yard. We had to wait,
because we would have removed the markings
in the grass for the utilities.

Life is so great!!

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  1. No it might therapy as long as they don't talk backšŸ¤£