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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Saturday, June 10, 2017

What the Beck???


Farm Cats and Dogs

The Barnett Farm Animals
These are some of the cats on the Barnett Farm.
They are so cute, but feral.

I love them.  I am hoping that as they patrol the area
at night, they kill any mice near my house, too.

Apparently, the cats have tunnels in the woodpile
where they spend a lot of their time.
Their eyes were watchin' me.

This is Liza, one of the Barnett's farm dogs.

She is a sweet girl who occasionally thinks
she is a coyote.  She loves to howl at night.

This is Zeus, the real guard dog. He lets us
know when someone or something is out
there.  However, he is really a sweetheart.

Now, on to my farm dogs!  
(what a joke!)

This is Sabrina.  She is definitely my watchdog.
She barks at any noise or person. Unfortunately,
she can't follow through, because she is terrified.  
She is also debarked, but it still helps 
that I have been warned.

This is Sweet Sage.  Like Sabrina she lets me
know as soon as anything or anyone is around.
She is good about running to me to make sure I
am aware of an intruder.  You know just like 
Lassie did when Timmy fell down the well.
To me, then back to the wind, repeat until I look outside.

No one will ever be frightened away by my guard dogs.
However, I will always know something is wrong.
I am blessed to have my dogs and the Barnett dogs
to make me feel safe in my new home.

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