Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thursday, June 22, 2017

What the Beck???

The Fence is in!
The Fence is in!
Life is finally less stressful
(at least to my left knee that hates walking on uneven ground
as I take the dogs for walks throughout the day)

This hole worried me as it was filled with water.  
I was getting upset when Billy Barnett saved the
day!  He showed me how to read the water meter 
by the road. It was not moving, so they hadn't hit 
the water pipe. Thank Heavens and Billy Barnett!

I learned that this machine is called a "skid steer."

 They tried to dig the holes by hand,
but the Kentucky clay was too solid,
so they called in the skid steer.

 While the holes were being dug by, Thomas,
the owner of the fence company, the crew
began mixing the cement.

 It's ready to go!
Let the cementing begin.

 I laughed at the amount of cement that they brought.  
Boy was I wrong, because they used all but two bags.

 They holes are dug out, so they just leaned 
the poles in the holes.

 Here we go!

 First side is done, so on to the next side.

 The top poles are ready to connect the posts.
My fence is on the truck!  Yeah!

All that was left on this side was to trim
the middle pole's height.

 The fence is going up.  I am really
glad that I chose black chain link. It
isn't as noticeable as the silver one.

 I love this side gate.  At first I didn't think I
asked for one. With this beauty, Robbie can bring the 
big mower into the yard.  WHEW!  I thought that I
was going to have to mow this area.

 I love that I still have a view that I can
enjoy. I have always had a wooden fence
that I could barely see through.

 I can also see the horse pasture.  I would hate
to miss seeing Snow and Mister every day.

 A GIANT THANK YOU to my friend, Vanna,
who told me about these fences. She originally
told me that they were great for traveling, but
this use is making my life so much easier, since I
can temporarily close off the breezeway until the
real fence is installed.

I will not leave the dogs out here unattended, because
they are smart, and will eventually figure out how to move 
this fence and escape like a thief in the night.

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