Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What the Beck???


This is the snake that was right by the Barnett's door.
Denise also encountered another large one
like this in the barn. She told me that
this is called a "Cow Snake."

Being the big chicken that I am, I had to research the snakes that could be found near my new home. The Cow Snake is also known as a Black Snake or Black Rat Snake.   The great news is that they claim they are harmless to humans.  They didn't say if they are harmless to cute little shelties, so now I am on guard for my girls. The research did say that if they are cornered they will bite - OH GREAT! but they would prefer to run away if there is an out.

The Cow Snakes prefer to live in barns or trees, because they love to eat mice and rats.  GOSH I HATE THE THOUGHT OF RATS!  

A way to keep them away from your homes or buildings is to keep debris and a lot of outside items to a minimum.  Good thing I don't have a wood pile, or a lot of places to hide.

This snake is one of the largest snakes in Kentucky.  They range from nine inches to six feet.  OMG - SIX FEET  Of course there were two living right next door.  Good thing you killed one Denise. Now let's hope, the other one can meet the same fate.

The research went on to say that they are great climbers - Now I have to look up and down when I am taking the girls for a walk.  I'm going to look like a crazy person.  Okay I am, but now it will be obvious.

This is the above snake's home in a tree.
The long lace-like ribbon is the skin that the above snake shed. 
Now I am worried about holes in trees.  Who knew a snake would live in one.  I thought only raccoons or squirrels resided there. 

 Well Dorothy.. you aren't in Illinois anymore!
This is no garter snake now is it?
It is so darn long!  YIKES!

If this guy that shed this skin shows up at my house,
you can all locate me at the 
Bardstown Hampton Inn.

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