Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

What the Beck???

The creek is risen
 Will the rain ever end???
(I am writing this last Friday)
This week is dry, sunny, and HOT

Our normally slow moving creek is
stirred up, muddy, and rushing.


It is Friday and I "NEED" to garden!
I made a trip to the nursery. Okay, I spent way
too much money, but I need to feel the dirt 
under my nails. That sounds awful!

 I decided to focus on container gardening. I cannot 
begin serious gardening until the roof and siding are 
replaced on all of my buildings.
 So, that leaves me the walkway to the guest 
cottage (which is taking me forever to dig out) and 
the huge patio area.

I purchased four red hibiscus trees and three pink 
mandevilla vine plants.

These two hanging baskets were the Mothers' Day 
special and sold for $8.00 each. I love a bargain. 
Later, I ended up purchasing three more baskets, 
because two just isn't enough....for me.

I love the different shades of purple on these baskets.

 Here come the herbs!
I bought parsley, cilantro, a lot of basil,
and some chives.  I also bought an entire
flat of potato vines.  I love them in floral

I thought Georgia cornered the market on clay soil,
but Kentucky is filled with it.  I am used to
digging in rich, Illinois black dirt.  I bought a lot
of potting soil for the flowers and herbs, and need to 
go back and buy a few bags of black dirt to enrich
this soil before I plant the walkway.


Friday - the final product!

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