Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thursday, November 24, 2016

What the Beck???


    I am thrilled to welcome to my family, my new sheltie, Sabrina. She is three years old, has already had two litters, and is extremely meek and mild. My friend, Vanna, informed me that our breeder, Connie, had a sheltie that needed a new home.

    I jumped at the chance to get another dog, because Sage was not doing well after Willow died. She was lethargic, sad, and spent most of her days hunting for Willow. Sage has never been the only dog, and didn’t even want to go outside by herself. Since Sabrina arrived, Sage has perked up and seems happier.

Sage looked so sad all of the time

    Sabrina's initial name was Selena, but to me, Sabrina fits her better. I figured that it sounded close enough, and she doesn’t seem to notice the switcharoo. 

    Sabrina is a Blue Merle. She is so colorful. She has one bright blue eye and the other is dark brown. She is full of life and loves to run. She is extremely smart and unfortunately creative. She found some of my yarn, and ran through the house with it when I was outside gardening. I was stunned when I came in and wondered what had happened. The rooms looked like giant spider webs. She also tried to destroy one of my pillows, but I caught her in time. Phew!!!!  She now has a new rawhide and has left everything alone……at least for now.

    I am so blessed that Vanna and Connie provided me with this sweet dog. I feel so fortunate. Of course, Willow is still missed, and on many days I am still weepy, but Sabrina has brought laughter back into our sad little house.

Scary eyes!!! 

The End!!!

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