Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday, November 18, 2016

What the Beck???


Red is an important color in our world. One day I just looked around for some important red items.

The American Flag

Fun Fact to Know and Share:  Did you know that the flag has
not always had 13 stars and stripes??

According to: Mental
"Upon welcoming Vermont and Kentucky—states 14 and 15—into the union, a new version of the flag was created that had 15 stars and 15 stripes. As the U.S. continued to add new states, there was concern about having to continually add additional stripes. The solution: revert to 13 to represent the original 13 colonies, and let the stars do the heavy lifting."

The Stop Sign

Fun Fact to Know and Share: Did you know that the stop sign has changed size and color since it was invented??

According to:  my parking
"Originating in Detroit, Michigan in 1915, the earliest stop sign had black letters on a white background and was somewhat smaller in size than the one today.  The smaller sizes of stop signs were initially most common, in that they did not require larger punch presses. Due to confusion of drivers, the American Association of Highway Officials (AASHO) met in 1922 to standardize the stop sign.  Attempting to design a unique sign to prevent uncertainty, the AASHO devised a unique octagonal shape that would alert drivers to stop. In 1924 the stop sign was changed to black on yellow by the National Conference on Street and Highway Safety (NCSHS), which was the prevailing color until 1954.  They regulated the signs to be mounted two or three feet above the ground. Another group (the predecessor to the MUTCD) had similar, but not identical ideas. The 1935 MUTCD regulation defined that stop signs should be octagonal, but with red or black letters on a yellow background.The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) stop sign was altered eight times between 1935 and 1971, generally regarding mounting height or reflectorization. However, the most significant change was the 1954 alteration to white on red color. The modern US stop sign, white on red, mounted 2.1 meters (7 ft) above ground, 30" long with a 3/4" white line around the edge, was passed into law in 1971 – although 24" stop signs are also allowed."

The fire hydrant 

Fun Fact to Know and Share: Did you know that the first fire hydrants looked like cauldrons in China, but in America we used cisterns??

According to:  fire
"In colonial America cisterns were used to store water for early fire fighting purposes, and these continued to be used even after the introduction of the hydrant in many cities. Moreover, as late as 1861, Louisville, Kentucky employed 124 cisterns but no fire hydrants. Cisterns are still used today for firefighting."

The red maple tree

Fun Fact to Know and Share: Do you know what the maple tree symbolizes??

According to:
"The maple tree symbolizes:  "Love, Longevity, and Money. Special for its sugar and syrup it represents success and abundance."  

Burning Bushes

Fun Fact to Know and Share: Are burning bushes originally from the U.S.A???

Nope!  According to:
"The Burning Bush was introduced into the United States in the 1860's from Asia. Unfortunately, this species has become invasive in many eastern and Midwestern states where it is outcompeting native vegetation in pastures, prairies, and woodlands. This species is also potentially invasive in Minnesota and planting of E. alatus near woodlands, prairies, and pastures should be avoided."

Best Winter Coat

Fun Fact to Know and Share: What is it about this coat that made it fabulous???

This coat is a maxi, which means it covered me from neck to the floor.  It is made of wool, which made it so warm. It was the perfect coat for outside recess duty. Unfortunately, it is now too big and must be donated.  Bummer!!!

Sage's Collar

Fun Fact to Know and Share: Why did I select a red color for my sweet baby Sage???

Sage is definitely the alpha dog in my little family. She reminds me of a firecracker. She is always on guard and full of energy.  Red seemed like the perfect color for her collar.  My sweet Willow always wore a pink color, because it was a soft, sweet color just like her soft, sweet personality.

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