Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

What the Beck???

Kentucky Trip #3

    I decided to make another trip to Kentucky since the weather was supposed to be great.  I began my trip by heading to Mayfield, Kentucky, which is straight south on the western edge of the state. I headed down Route 57.

     I have no idea why this cross was on the side of the road, because I couldn’t see a church, cemetery, or anything else from my viewpoint. It was on heck of a big cross, however.

         I was really excited to visit Mayfield, because it had the best pieces of land on Zillo of all of the 20 towns I was visiting this year. As I entered the town of Mayfield, I was not feeling good about the economic neighborhood that I was driving through to reach City Hall. It seemed much more like a rough neighborhood in Aurora rather than St. Charles.

 I think they subdivided this one beautiful home into apartments.

 Boarded up and sad

 This home had the possibility to be a grand 
home, but it was in such disrepair. At 
this time, I was a little worried about the town.

         City Hall, and the Police and Fire Stations were very nice. Gordon Alter was the greeter as well as a fountain of knowledge about the materials available about the town.

Gordon Alter, a very nice man!

         Gordon allowed to me take 19 brochures that would be helpful if I moved to this town. He also gave me his photo book yellow pages, so I had total access to what was located in the town.  I loved this man.
         The brochures included info. about the senior center (gosh – that is a scary thought), the YMCA workouts, the nearby university (where I could teach part-time), being a CASA volunteer, Kentucky flood plain info., recycling, events and festivals, the library, barn quilts (which are quilt patterns painted on the side of a barn), and a city map.  Whew!!  There were a few more, but that gives you an idea.  Now, I had a lot of reading to do!  My favorite pamphlet was called “Want to make a difference in Mayfield?”  It lists activities that citizens can do to make Mayfield a better place!!!  I LOVE THAT IDEA! 
         Thank you, Gordon Alter.

         The next public servant I spoke with was the administrator for both the police and fire departments. Clarissa Yarker loves this town, but was surprised that I would move so far away from home.

Clarissa Tarker, a true cheerleader for 
the town of Mayfield, Kentucky.

    Clarissa checked my research about the population, number of firefighters and the crime rate. Mayfield has a relatively low crime rate of 124.3.  To give a base for comparison – St. Charles has a rate of 84.6. I asked her what the police force's biggest issue was now, and she said it was retail theft. In 2012, there were 98 thefts. I was actually relieved because the answer in most towns in drug related.  How refreshing.
    Mayfield is a “DRY CITY.” I believe the ordinance passed, so they could serve alcohol in a restaurant, now. What year is it???

    I then spoke with the mayor’s secretary. She was lovely. While in her office, a young man came in to sell raffle tickets to raise money for his Dad, who had throat cancer. Of course, I bought a five dollar ticket, and handed it to the secretary as a gift. They were raffling off a long rifle. Yes Dorothy, you are not in Kansas anymore!  Yikes!!! A rifle – who knew??????

    It was late and I was starving, so I went to Carr’s Steakhouse on West Broadway. 

    I ordered their brisket, which was very good and filling.  I must CONFESS that it pales next to Ree Drummond’s. This was surprising, since it was their specialty.

   Now, it was time to hit the stores and talk to the local people of the town. Coming soon.

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