Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday, March 4, 2016

What the Beck???

Trip to Kentucky #3 continued
 Mayfield, KY

 Downtown Mayfield

 I felt better about the town once I saw 
the buildings, unlike the rundown homes.

The town does have a "Randall Road" section 
with all of the fast food restaurants, etc.

The antique store section

    I wanted to start with a store called A Walk in the Clouds, because I liked the name, but it was closed.  Not a good start!  I located Outfitters Connection, and it was a great store. It carried items like coveralls, work boots, etc.  The clothes are extremely well made, and they are perfect clothes for working outside.

    The next store was by far my favorite in the town. Sissy & Me is a fabulous boutique.

     The owner was very nice, and she had named the store after her two daughters. Sissy was in middle school or early high school, and Me was in fifth grade. I cannot for the life of me remember her real name.
     I bought a signature necklace. The brand name is GingerSnaps. My necklace has five snaps on it that can be changed or additional snaps can be purchased.  I bought the necklace and a total of seven snaps.  The booklet that was given to me has hundreds of snaps to choose from.  I love it!!! You need to find it on line and buy it!

 Beginning on the left, every other one is called 
a snap, and can be changed.  You could recreate 
a new necklace every time you wore it if you 
bought more snaps.  

 Here are the two extra snaps that I bought, 
but there were hundreds more to choose from 
in the catalog.

 I changed the middle snap, but I could have 
changed any one of the five in the necklace.

    This store would be perfect for Jenny 
Anderson or my niece, Molly. You two would 
go wild in this amazing boutique.

     I was now back on Broadway Street and went to the antique stores. One of the stores was called Mayberry Antiques.

 This store was great!

     I loved this store, partially because of the name, and also because I found a beautiful antique table runner.  The only thing that would have made this store better would have been if Andy, Barney, and Aunt Bea were working there.

Here is the runner I bought.
 I hadn't ironed it yet.

Here is a closeup of the lace edging

    On the way out of town, I saw this restaurant, which me made smile.  Loved the name!!!

    On the next blog installment I will share all of the information about the Mayfield properties I read about, and then visited from Zillo.

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