Saturday, March 12, 2016

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Saturday, March 12, 2016

What the Beck???

Hodgenville, KY

Some fun facts to know and share about Hodgenville, Kentucky

Population 3,224 (2013)
LaRue County 
28 volunteer firefighters
5 police officers

crime rate:  42.7  (AMAZING)

       First of all, I love this town!!!  I began at City Hall. The two clerks were so helpful. I learned a lot about the town. One of the clerks is also in charge of the local crafters.  I can’t remember the name, and she was also a retired teacher. We had a lot in common. After being there awhile, the mayor came in, as did the Fire Chief, and a police officer.  They were all wonderful. Hodgenville is a really safe place to live, as is proven by their crime rate.

 City Hall

Mayor Kenny Devore
Toni Burton
Debbie Rucker

 The Fire Chief and a  Local Officer

I was driving through the town and came upon the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park.

 The entrance to the park

 The Memorial Building

 Symbolic Cabins

         I was starving and looking for somewhere to eat when I saw this candy/dessert shop. I drove on past it, because I would have bought something when I know I shouldn’t.  My mantra became “drive on…drive on…”

         In the city square was the Lincoln Museum. I almost had a car accident trying to take the photo, because cars enter and leave this giant circle without stopping. That is …..regular people who don’t take pictures and drive at the same time.

I’ll finish Hodgenville on Monday, and then I’ll return to my normal cooking!  Until then…….

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