Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunday, December 6, 2015

What the Beck???

Happy Birthday to my sister, Susan!

Decorating the House

Here is the tree I put up the other day.

I feel much better now that it is decorated.
This year I went with multi-colored lights.

These next two photos are of some of what I unpacked 
from the rubbermaids in the basement. 

I had so many items that when I was finished sorting,
I donated six xerox boxes of Christmas items to
Goodwill.  As a teacher, we get some many
things that it was hard to decide, but it is time
to clean out and purge.

I love everything that I kept. 
My most precious gift on the mantle was a large
rock (above the large stocking) given to me by my 
nieces and nephews. It has all of their signatures.
All year around, it sits on the mantle,
 because they gave it to me,
and told me that I was their rock!  
Oh my, tears are streaming down my face. What is that about?
I am so blessed to have a wonderful, caring, family.

 I added the leaf in to the table,
 because I expect about 30 for Christmas.
Decorating the table was fun.

My centerpiece is a beautiful snow globe
that I adore. It was a gift from the Stammen family.
The bottom rotates and shows the Christmas story.

This afternoon, I hung the garland around the door. 

I used pink lights this year,
 because pink makes me happy.
Have all of you decorated???

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