Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunday, December 27, 2015

What the Beck???

Christmas Eve and Day 
with the Dowd Family

Christmas Eve

This year we decided to do an hors de oeuvres 
and dessert Christmas Eve.
The food was amazing, and it was a fun change.  
Great idea, Donna!

The table was beautiful, and the food looked amazing.

I have no idea why my camera hated James that day, 
but this was the best of the photos.  Meggie and I 
laughed at the sheer number that I took,
and they all turned out dark. 
Has James crossed over to the dark side???

The Colonel, Bill Dowd

I wonder what they were discussing?

I love this picture of Donna and Meggie!

What is with the darkness???

Christmas Day

The table was breathtaking.  I love the details!

A happy Meghann!  Did you know she is a new Mom???

Bill and Patrick relaxing by the fire.

Here is Meghann's new baby. 
He is a shelter rescue, and his name is Gipper!  
He is a sweet and loving dog.

Now, every holiday has a big event and this one did, too.
I was in the middle of a dog fight!
Life is always exciting at the Dowd house.

The challenger:  Gipper
The goal: to join the three large dogs, and fit in to family.
Unfortunately, the staring contest didn't really work out well.

The opponent (on the left):  Hallie
Hallie is not really fond of other dogs even though 
the Dowd's have three now.
Gipper wanted to be the fourth.
The staring intensified, until Hallie lurched 
over me to get the Gip.
Teeth were barred, and growling ensued.
Outcome:  I had a damaged fingernail.  
Oh well, life goes on.

The match was over quickly, a tie was called.

Thank you so much Dowd family.
I love spending time with you.
I love you all!!!

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