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Thursday, November 26, 2015

What the Beck???

Happy Thanksgiving
I am so blessed to spend the holidays with the Dowd family. We always have a relaxed holiday filled with laughter and amazing food!

 Meghann Dowd 
Meggie is the sweetest!

 James Dowd
Quiet but funny - he named this blog

 Meggie and James 
mugging for the camera

 Donna, best friend and premier hostess

 The Colonel, Bill Dowd
To his left if Hudson, a very black dog
Creepy eyes here

 What is with my eyes???

 Donna always sets a beautiful table

 The Spread

 I love this stuffing!

The Dowds have three dogs:
Hudson the disappearing dog with the Colonel,
and Hallie (L) and Indy (r).
I love them all!

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