Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saturday, November 14, 2015

What the Beck???

Candy Ice Cream Cones
      Ree Drummond gets total credit for the idea of these cones. I found it in her blog a long time ago, but misplaced the sheet with the online address. Is there nothing that cooking genius doesn't think of to make?? 
    The calories will vary depending on the topping that you elect to use on your cone.

This is the type of melting candy I used in the recipe. 
I found it in Walmart's bridal section.

 I used just plain old regular ice cream cones.

 I went to the "store" section of my basement,
 and grabbed some fun toppings. I also used 
chopped nuts and my favorite, coconut!

 I think I would like to make several colors of 
candy cones - red is good for Valentine's Day, too.

 I loved my cone!!!
I tried the coconut one, of course.

 A New Member to Our Family

 This is our new baby, Nana
She is just a baby who is only about 2 - 3 months old
She is part German shepherd and akita.
I think she is going to be a big'un.

The is her new sister, Dory. 
Dory is a high energy, sweet girl who is still 
a little fearful of me (until I gave her some cheese). 
Thanks Dave, the bribe totally worked.

 Maddie, whom I call Lovey, is the new Mom.
Don't ya just love a puppy??

 Don't ask me??
I think they are both a little camera shy,
or just a little nutty.
It's funny that they both did it at the same time.

 What a love!

 I had to put some extra photos of Dory, 
so she won't feel left out.
Dave is Dory's dad.

I think she looks so regal.

She could be a dog model.

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