Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Week 17 Tuesday (4/29/14)

Recipe Review              

Today’s Recipe and Location:  Pancake Mini Muffins
         Found in: The Pioneer Woman blog

I figured out that there are 59 calories per serving, if 58 servings are made. (Please note that the calorie counts vary depending on the specific brands of ingredients that you choose to use.)  Add additional calories for the syrup.

If you didn't know it, you might think they were blueberries
instead of chocolate chips

         These are fun little muffins. I made them with chocolate chips, as I am allergic to blueberries. They don’t really taste like pancakes but I could taste the chocolate and that made them great. The syrup on them really cinched the deal. The recipe said it served 8 portions, which would mean about 7 muffins per serving. I was really happy about the low calorie count as I could have quite a few. These are going to be my breakfast or snack for the next couple of days – yum yum!!!

Why Weight?

         One of the things I have done for the past 20 months is to keep a record of how many times I exercise each month. Near the beginning of the blog I told you of a neighbor (Paul Mansour) whose goal was to exercise 200 times in a year. I thought this sounded doable so I have kept track myself. I have a long way to go to reach my 200 mark but I am dedicated to Curves. In fact, I can’t wait to return. I have not been there for two and a half weeks due to the Willow issue and I hyper-extended my left knee and it hurts. So I have taken a few more days off to allow it to heal. I really miss my wonderful Curves friends and need to catch up on their lives.  Here’s to exercising!

My Gorgeous Girls      
Willow looks a little thin because she lost about 3 pounds
since we began our journey, but she gained a little back last week.

I took this one because I didn't want Sage to feel left
out - okay, I really just wanted a new picture.

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