Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 14 Monday (4/7/14)

Recipe Review      

Today’s Recipe and Location:  Iny’s Prune Cake with Buttermilk Icing
         Found in: The Pioneer Woman Cooks:  Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl
                  Pages  40-42     Copyright:  2009  Harper Collins

I figured out that there are 275 calories per serving, if 20 servings are made. (Please note that the calorie counts vary depending on the specific brands of ingredients that you choose to use.)

         PRUNES!  What is a prune?  It is just a dried plum.  It is a great food to help with regularity and protects the intestines. It is also great source of antioxidants and can even help with weight loss. Had I known this before, I might have tried them earlier in my life.
         I always thought of prunes as “old people food” (politically incorrect).  I apologize to all senior citizens but that was what I really thought when I read the recipe. One of the positives was that Ree demonstrated this recipe on her show so I heard them rave about how moist and tasty this cake was to eat.
         I decided to poll the teachers at school to see if anyone had a problem with eating this cake BEFORE I actually made it.  Almost everyone was willing to try it out.
         I received rave reviews on the great taste and the fact that it was an extremely moist cake.  This is a cake I would definitely take to a party.  It would be fun to just put it out and hear the positive reviews before the people knew what it was.

Craft Corner              

         I am truly blessed that I have so many family members who are talented in the trades. I was very frustrated with the lack of storage in my sewing room due to the sheer overage of materials I own. My amazing nephew, Wesley, was hired to redo the entire room. One of my greatest frustrations was with my card stamps.
         Wes, being both creative and realistic, designed and built an 8 foot stamp rack to hold my stamps. My collection almost rivals those at Hobby Lobby. Being highly intelligent, Wes realized that we should back the rack with something so that the ink did not get on the wall. He decided that clear plexi-glass would do the trick. I love this rack and filled it immediately. I am fortunate to have someone who can hear my concerns and solve my problems.  Having this rack saves time in locating a stamp as well as preserves the stamps from injury.  Thanks Wes, you are the man!

Isn't it great?  Thanks, Wes!

Random Reflections

         When I was a child, my family had a beautiful grand piano in our living room that my Dad personally refinished. Kim and Susan took lessons but I never took any.  I wonder why?  My memory is lost on this topic. I would really like to formally learn how to play the piano now, as an adult. This is really important to me for some reason.

Becky’s Bucket List #3
Take piano lessons
Write 2 books for my great-nephews
Travel to Wales
Travel to Scotland
Alaskan cruise

Wants and Wishes

         Every year in February, the Rebecca Caudill nomination list comes out for child selected books for the ages of fourth through eighth grades. My wish is that I will have all 20 books read before summer.  So far, I am reading the twelfth book and enjoying most of them. It is not a big or difficult wish, just another one that is time consuming.

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