Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

What the Beck???

As of today I have posted 837 times. WOW!
I had no idea that I was even in the 800's.
To all of my followers:  thank you!

Best of 2017

Background:  I was reading The Kentucky Standard, our local newspaper, and they had a section called The Best of Nelson County 2017. This section listed 100 categories for the Readers' Choice Awards. This is the tenth installation of my visits to these winning business locations.

#5    Best Mexican Food:  
The winner was Cinco de Mayo Mexican Bar and Grill

Cinco de Mayo is located at:
225 Parkway Drive, Bardstown, KY
502 – 350 – 1145

      I absolutely loved this restaurant. I have been craving taco salad for weeks. I was thrilled to discover that a Mexican Restaurant was on the Best of 2017 list. The service was excellent, and the food great. I will definitely be visiting this restaurant again in the near future.

 Cinco de Mayo

 While you wait for your meal, 
they serve you chips and salsa.

 The decor is quite average, but
the food is worth the trip.

My taco salad was fantastic. 

#33  Best Pawn Shop
The winner was: Kwik Kash Pawn & Gun 

1426 E. John Rowen Blvd. Bardstown KY
Hrs. 8:30 - 6:00

 I have never been to a pawn shop in my life.
My only exposure was in the movies where 
they are found in the inner cities. They were
seedy and had questionable customers selling
stolen goods. I was pleasantly surprised with
Kwik Kash. It was just like a normal resale shop.

In the parking lot they had everything from 
ladders to a western saddle. 

The first glass case I encountered had rings. 
The top two had appraisal declarations on the diamonds. 
I guess you take a chance when you purchase one with no documentation.

 The word gun was in the name, so I wasn't surprised 
to see an amazing amount of different kind of guns.  This 
case had many different types and brands of handguns.

This one was my favorite. Of course, that is because it 
was pink.  It looked like a toy until he handed it to me. 
It was very heavy, and I felt powerful, but knew that I
would probably blow off my own foot if it were loaded. 

 Then, there were the racks of shotguns and rifles of every type. 

I continued to walk around and found speakers and 
large gas heaters. The heaters reminded me of the one we 
had in St. Charles that heated our screened in 
porch in the winter months. 

I really liked this Craftsman tool box. My tools are 
everywhere in the garage. I think I want this.
My van was full of lighting for the remodel, so 
I will have to think about this for a later purchase 
if it is still in there when I return. 

OOPS!  Sideways photo.
It was on sale for $99.00 but he told me he would 
sell it to me for $75.00. It was in great shape.
I will go online and find out how much
it would be to purchase it new first.

There were a lot of musical instruments such as these guitars. 

 Another area had computers.

There were a lot more guitars for sale here. 

 Power tools covered several shelves.

   These sets of tools were in glass cases.

     I was happy that I visited this store. It was clean and the staff was very friendly and helpful. I am glad that I changed my

generalization of what a pawn shop is like. I think I may actually visit the rest of the ones in town to see if they are all this nice.

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  1. Congrates to Cinco de Mayo Mexican Bar and Grill and Kwik Kash Pawn & Gun. yeah, your choice is not bad at all. Cinco de Mayo is really an outstanding resturant for some fresh salad and tasty food.