Friday, December 1, 2017

Friday, December 1, 2017

Friday, December 1, 2017

What the Beck???

Bucket List Update
Academy Award Nominated Movies

1944     Wilson
starring:  Alexander Knox, Charles Coburn, Geraldine Fitzgerald,                      Thomas Mitchell, Ruth Nelson, Vincent Price, Sir Cedric                  Hardwicke, William Eythe, Mary Anderson, Eddie Foy Jr.
plot –    The story of Woodrow Wilson, who became the 28th              President of the United States of America. This film                     begins when Woodrow was teaching at Princeton. It                     goes on to show his political rise to Governor of New                   Jersey and then on to the Presidency.
This was a fabulous movie. I didn’t know a lot about Wilson. I learned how he didn’t want us to go to war, and how he used all of his efforts to end World War I. I loved the way the movie showed him at home with his wife and three daughters.

1953      The Robe
starring:   Richard Burton, Jean Simmons, Victor Mature, Michael                       Rennie, Jay Robinson, Dean Jagger, Torin Thatcher,                     Richard Boone, Betta St. John, Jeff Morrow, Ernest                       Thesiger, Dawn Addams, Leon Askin…
plot –     Richard Burton plays the part of a Roman soldier named                     Marcellus Gallio. He is one of the soldiers playing dice                   as Jesus is dying above them on the cross. He wins                     the Lord’s robe, but loses it to his slave named                           Demetrius, who was played by Victor Mature.                           Marcellus feels guilty and is plagued by bothersome                     visions. He thinks that finding Demetrius and the                       robe will solve his problems. He hunts for him and                     discovers faith along his journey.
This was a wonderful classic movie, He was hard to watch Jesus carrying the cross and then hanging from the cross as the soldiers played dice below him. This movie reaffirmed and reminded me of everything that I had learned at St, Marks Lutheran Church when I was growing up.

1959      Room at the Top
starring:   Simone Signoret, Lawrence Harvey, Heather Sears, Donald                  Wolfits, Donald Houston, Allen Cuthbertson
plot –     According to:                                       
              “An ambitious young accountant plots to wed               a wealthy factory owner's daughter, despite               falling in love with a married older woman.”
This was an okay movie. It really didn’t keep my attention. The storyline was predictable.

1960     Sons and Lovers
starring:  Trevor Howard, Dean Stockwell, Wendy Hiller, Mary Ure,                      Heather Sears, William Lucas
plot –     According to:                                     
             A young man with artistic talent who lives in a              close-knit, English coal-mining town during the              early 20th Century finds himself inhibited by                       his emotionally manipulative, domineering mother.”
I really liked this movie. The family dynamics were interesting, and the desire to discontinue the family history of working in the mines was a battle.

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