Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

What the Beck???

A Fun Fact to Know and Share:
Did you know that Sally Field turned 71 
years old on November 6th?  

     Why do you need to know this?  You don't! I have always loved her in shows and movies. Do you remember her as Gidget? Unfortunately, I am old enough to remember her clearly. Here are some of my favorite Sally Field shows and movies.

TV Shows and Movies

1967       The Flying Nun - I have never met any Nun            that was as fun as Sally Field was in the show.

1971       Alias Smith and JonesI absolutely loved this            show. Sally played a scheming friend of Kid                    Curry and Hannibal Hayes.

1971       Maybe I’ll Come Home in the Spring This            was a great movie. I am not sure, but I think                    this was her first made for TV movie. I                          remember that I was so sad watching it.

Big Screen Movies

1976       Sybil This movie opened my eyes to abuse. I            was horrified by the trauma this little girl went                  through in life. It was also the first time I heard                of multiple personalities.

1977         HeroesField plays the girlfriend of a                          returning Vet who suffers from PTSD. Harrison                  Ford was also in this great movie.

1977       Smokey and the Bandit – “East Bound and                   Down” was the perfect song for this movie. Sally                and Burt Reynolds were fun and silly, but Jackie                Gleason was my favorite character as the sheriff.

1978       The EndAnother Fields/Reynolds movie. In            this one she was his wife. Reynolds plays a dying                man who eventually attempts suicide. He ends                  up in a mental hospital with the always-fabulous                Dom Deluise.

1979       Norma RaeSally won the Academy Award for               Best Actress for this amazing film. She plays a                 textile worker who decides to rally her fellow                   workers to unionize. This is one of my favorite                 movies. I haven’t seen it in years. I think I will                   have the library find it for me and watch it again.

1981       Absence of Malice Sally plays an investigative                reporter who gets information about a murder                  from a leak. Paul Newman plays the man 
              accused of murder who has an alibi, but doesn’t                want to share it because it involves another                      person. Fields falls in love with Newman. I loved                this movie, too.

1984       Places in the HeartThe setting was Texas in             1935. Fields plays a widow with two kids. She            has to pay back a loan for her farm. She hires            a handyman, played by Danny Glover. The            banker wants the land, so he forces her to take            in his blind brother-in-law as a boarder. John            Malkovich plays the blind man. Sally won                   another Academy Award for Best Actress for            this role. I absolutely loved this movie.

1989       Steel MagnoliasFields stars with Julia Roberts,                Dolly Parton, Shirley MacLaine, Olympia Dukakis,
              and Daryl Hannah as women who become dear                friends. The setting revolves around a beauty                    parlor. These friends support, love, and care for                each other. This movie stars some heavy hitters                and it was GREAT!

1991       Not Without my DaughterSally plays an             American woman married to an Iranian-                  American husband. They have a little girl.                      Her husband plans a vacation to Iran for the                    family. Fields is hesitant because of the                          difference in their treatment of women. Once in                Iran, Fields learns that her husband will not let   
              his daughter ever leave Iran.

1993       Mrs. Doubtfire – This is one of those movies that               you can’t help but laugh even if you have viewed               the movie many times. Sally plays a woman                     married to a man who acts like a silly boy. Robin               Williams is fantastic as Mrs. Doubtfire, the family               father and (in disguise) housekeeper. If you are 
             ever down and out, this is a must see to lighten                 your spirits.

1994       Forrest Gump – Sally Fields plays the mother of 
              a special needs boy named Forrest Gump. He is a                lovable character who functions in the world by                running away. As he reaches adulthood, he                      becomes an amazing hero and friend. I loved all                of the historical footage from the times. Every                  time I see or find a feather, I think of this movie.

2003       Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde -  I            liked the two Legally Blonde movies. They are             light and airy and just plain silly. Sally Fields            played a Congresswoman who hires Elle for            her staff. Elle, now a lawyer, finds out that Fields                is undermining her bill. This is another fun 
              movie with Fields not playing the all American                  girl.

2015       Hello, My Name is Doris – This is a movie that            I have not yet viewed. This is on my list of films 
              to check out at the library. I don’t know                   anything about this movie, but the previews             are fab!

 These were just a sampling of the Sally Field movies. There are so many more for you to see! I enjoyed writing about them and have just added a few of them to my must see list for the upcoming month. There is nothing more enjoyable than re-watching an old favorite.

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