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Bucket List Update

Academy Award Nominated Movies

1940     Kitty Foyle: The Natural History of a Woman
starring: Ginger Rogers, Dennis Morgan, James Craig, Ernest Cossart,                  Gladys Cooper…
plot –   A wealthy man dates and eventually weds a girl from a lower                class. His family is not happy about the wedding. They                  divorce and she finds a doctor, until her ex returns.
This was a really good movie. It was predictable because of the rich man/poor girl stories. I did enjoy the movie, however.

1938     The Citadel
starring:  Robert Donat, Rosalind Russell, Ralph Richardson, Rex                       Harrison, Emlyn Williams
plot –     A young doctor begins his first job in Wales in a mining town.                 In his spare time he studies the persistent cough of                     many of the men. He thinks something in the mines is                   making the tuberculosis worse. He meets resistance                     from everyone. He moves to London to a better               location, but begins to lose his goals and ambition and                 more importantly his values.
This was a pretty good old movie. I loved his beginning ambition and desire to better the world around him. It was hard to see him change and value the almighty dollar more than his original goals.

1943     Watch on the Rhine
starring:  Bette Davis, Paul Lukas, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Lucile Watson,                 Beulah Bondi
plot –    An American woman and her family come to the USA to visit.                 Her husband is a German whose is an engineer by trade.                 A Romanian count negatively impacts their visit with her                 family.
This was an okay movie, because it was pretty predictable. The DVD also had several bumpy spots that broke up the most important parts of the movie. Another one checked off the list.

1942     Wake Island
starring:  Brian Donlevy, Macdonald Carey, Robert Preston, William                     Bendix, Albert Dekker, Walter Abel, Rod Cameron, Bill                   Goodwin, Damian O’Flynn, Frank Albertson
plot –     Our Marine forces are deployed to Wake Island. A new strict                 Major is sent to the island to prepare the forces for war.                 The men dislike all the rules and regs., and don’t want                   to change at all. The Japanese attacks and the men show                 their courage and bravery.
This was a really good movie. I liked that it included a little humor before the war began and showed how the Marines rose to the challenge when overrun by the Japanese.

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