Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

What the Beck???

The Best of Nelson County 2017
       Background:  I was reading The Kentucky Standard, our local newspaper, and they had a section called The Best of Nelson County 2017. This section listed 100 categories for the Readers' Choice Awards. This is the seventh installation of my visits to these winning business locations.

#11    Best Sushi:  
The winner was Umami: Steakhouse and Sushi

Umami is located at: 942 Chambers Blvd. Bardstown
502 - 331 - 0179

I went with nine other ladies from the Library Groups.
The restaurant was pretty dark. Sorry ladies!!!

The chef was quite talented and funny.

He was grilling the veggies and creating fried rice 
at the same time. Of course, I was worried that
he was going to mix them, but he laughed and
assured me that it wasn't going to happen.

Look at that steam!
Veggies are just not my thing.

He made a little volcano out of onion. Cool!!
Actually HOT!

I was so absorbed in what he was doing I missed 
taking the photo of the Steak grilling. In this photo 
he was cooking the scallops, shrimp, and I think chicken.

Mmmmmm  I can't wait!
I loved my meal of steak, scallops, and fried rice.
This was the best meal!!!!

Marilyn and Mary had a great time, too.
A big thanks to Bernadine who organizes these
monthly ladies dinners.

#64    Best Beauty Salon:  
The winner was True Bliss Salon

TrueBliss Salon is located at:
512 E. Stephen Foster Ave. Bardstown

I love this salon!  Coleen Addante, my Illinois hairdresser went on line and selected it for me. She told me that Kaylie would be a good match for my needs.  I totally agree! I love going there and they do a great job.

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