Monday, September 4, 2017

Monday, September 4, 2017

Monday, September 4, 2017

What the Beck???

The Best of Nelson County 2017

       Background:  I was reading The Kentucky Standard, our local newspaper, and they had a section called The Best of Nelson County 2017. This section listed 100 categories for the Readers' Choice Awards. This is the fourth installation of my visits to these winning business locations.

#39    Best Furniture Store AND #43 Best Flooring Store:  
The winner was Corvin's Furniture and Flooring

Corvin's Furniture and Flooring is located at:
3465 E. John Rowan Blvd. Bardstown

 I love this cottage dining room table and chairs that
were purchased at Corvin's!

 This is the cottage living room furniture that I 
bought at Corvin's Furniture. It is comfortable
and almost child proof.

 I love the cottage dresser and side table that I bought 
for the bedroom in the cottage.
Is one of my legs longer than the other?
Do I lean to the right as I stand?
What the heck??  No, What the Beck???

Corvin's has an area in the back lower portion of the 
building that remind me of a consignment shop. I love 
to browse this area. 

You can find all sorts of things in this part of the building.

#41     Best Paint/Wallcovering Store:  The winner was Sherwin-Williams 

Sherwin-Williams is located at:
1346 E. John Rowan, Bardstown

I came to pick up some paint chips for the cottage walls.
The salesman was so helpful!  When I asked for a
suggestion for a painter, he gave me a great referral!
Thanks so much Sherwin-Williams.

In case you are curious - I selected SW6233 Samovar Silver.
The cottage walls are a soft beautiful gray

#38    Best Appliance Store:  The winner was Masterson's Appliance

Located at:  967 Frost Ave., Bardstown

Labressa and Tommy, the owner of Masterson's.
They were so helpful and patient with me 
when I was purchasing my stoves and investigating
a washer and dryer for the main house.

These fabulous men, Tucker, Adam, and Roger,
 installed my three residential stoves.
They were fabulous and efficient!!
Thanks a bunch, guys. 

I love having three ovens!  I have already used two of the
stoves simultaneously as I baked a cake in one
and Fancy Roasted Cocktail Nuts in another.
It is so much more fun to cook in the workroom!
You are the best, Masterson's!!!!

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