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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What the Beck???

Sur la Table Class #4 
"Perfect Pie from Scratch"

Part A: Lattice-Top Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie

 We began by making a flaky pie dough of flour, 
sugar, sea salt, butter, and ice water.
We formed the dough in a circle, and
cut it in half because the recipe made two crusts.

Some fun facts to know and share that I learned:
pie dough doesn't need a prepared pan
always use high quality butter in pies
keep the butter COLD
use ice water if water is called for
for me - the blender is the best place to make the dough
only knead 3 to 6 kneads - don't overknead
when kneading - don't overflour
cool dough is better than warm to knead, 
so you can refrigerate for up to 30 minutes.
pie dough must ALWAYS be chilled before baking

Half of the dough could be refrigerated or frozen for later use,
or you could always just make two pies!!

 The dough was then rolled out flat.
We worked in teams, and my partners were great
to let me photograph while they worked.

The next step was to place the dough in the pie plate,
making sure to have it a little bigger than the plate. 

 One method to trimming was to use a scissor, or a knife is
always a good choice, too.

 Here is a perfect one.
We are not closely trimming the crust now, as it
will be done once we have the lattice top on the pie

 All of the ingredients are pre-measured, to save time.

 This fabulous pie contained rhubarb, strawberries, sugar, 
cornstarch, lemon juice, vanilla bean paste, and sea salt.

 The first step was to remove the hull 
and slice the strawberries.
We also sliced up the rhubarb, but I was busy
cutting and forget to take a photo.

 This little gem takes the hull right out.
Of course, I had to have one for my kitchen.

 We began to mix the ingredients together.

Ready to go in the pan,
so shiny and beautiful!

 Gosh, they looked good!

 This is the scraper I bought from an earlier class, 
and it comes in handy as one way to make strips.
Remember, it also has a ruler on it.

A second way to cut the strips is
to use a good ol' pizza cutter.

Chef Rachel Dau showed us the lattice process by 
setting up the top on the counter.  She said it
usually can't be moved easily so she just showed
us what to do, and then we started over on the pie.

 Now, she redid the process on the pie.
This method is so easy, because you lift up strip 1 and 3 and lay the
crosspiece, and then put 1 and 3 down and lift 2 and 4 for the
next strip.  It worked so well!!!

 These strips were put on at a diagonal,
which I think looks the best.

 Here is the finished product.
The top is shiny and sparkly, because we glazed the top
with an egg wash and then sprinkled the top with
a product called white sparkling sugar.
I think it comes in other colors, too.
They sell it at the Sur la Table store.

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