Saturday, June 4, 2016

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Saturday, June 4, 2016

What the Beck???

Sur la Table Class #3 continued
"Flavors of the South"

Part C: Red Velvet Cake with
Cream Cheese Ice Cream

First, we made the amazing ice cream.
 Chef Kiley Fields explained how to use the blender 
when making the ice cream.

 In a blender, on medium, we combined the cream cheese, 
milk, lemon juice, 
vanilla paste, nutmeg, sugar, sea salt, and heavy cream.

 Chef then poured the blended mixture into the ice cream 
maker, and churned according to the direction in 
whatever maker you own. When finished it was 
put into a chilled container.

Now, on to the rich cake.
First we added together the dry ingredients in a bowl. 

 We whisked them together.

 On to the wet ingredients of: vegetable oil, buttermilk, 
red food coloring, vinegar, vanilla paste, and egg

 We stirred to blend.
The room was brighter than my photo.

 We coated the cake pan with butter.
Yee Ha!!!

It was time to add the wet and dry ingredients together 

 Add just to blend. Don't overmix.

 Into the pan it went

 We decorated the top of the batter with pecans.

 It looked great when done.

 Here is the baked finished cake.

This was my plate, and YES...
I ate the entire thing, but because I
was in public I didn't lick the plate.
Sorry, Jenny!!

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