Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

What the Beck???

Mother's Day Dinner at Salernos
We celebrated Mother's Day the day after to 
avoid to crush in the restaurants. We always do this 
so that we never have to wait for a table.  It was great 
because we were all present (except for Wendy 
who lives on the east coast).
We had a very nice dinner.  I hadn't been to Salernos 
in a long time.  

(top row)  Me, Diane, Kelly, Kim
(seated)  Babette, Mom, and Susan 

Bucket List Update
Academy Award Nominated Movies

1941     Citizen Kane        
starring: Orson Wells, Dorothy Comingore
plot – Charles Kane, a very rich man inherited some money and then          made millions in Colorado gold and many enterprises. The              media pursues his final words upon his death “Rosebud”
This was a classic, but I really disliked it. I remember thinking that they were all thinking Rosebud was going to be something so important, and it was just the name of his childhood sled.

1944     Double Indemnity
starring: Barbara Stanwyck, Fred MacMurray, Edward G. Robinson
plot – MacMurray plays an insurance salesman who helps a woman kill        her husband. He succeeds and then can’t live with what he did.          He confesses. She can’t be tried again for the same crime.
This was a pretty good movie. Fred MacMurray plays a totally different type of character from what I have ever seen. This is definitely not Robbie and Chip’s Dad.

1947     Crossfire
starring: Robert Young, Robert Mitchum, Robert Ryan, Paul Kelly
plot – A movie about the death of a Jewish man by a soldier. This was a       hate crime movie.
This was a good movie. It was interesting to see Robert Young as a cop, but to me he will always be Marcus Welby.

1952     Moulin Rouge
starring: Jose Ferrer, Colette Marchand, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Claude Nollier,            Suzanne Flow
plot – The first story of the short life of Toulouse Lautrec. His growth          was stunted due to a childhood fall. He became a painter. He            painted average people in the taverns and clubs in Paris. He            struggles with alcoholism and was a womanizer. There is a              newer version done much later.
This was a good movie, but I felt it was a little too long.

1953     Shane
starring: Alan Ladd, Jean Arthur, Van Heflin, Brandon DeWilde, Jack               Palance, Ben Johnson, Edgar Buchanen, Ellen Corby
plot – This was a great western about a cowboy who becomes a ranch          hand and helps with a range war.
This was a great movie. It is definitely a classic and the relationship the ranch hand has with the family is wonderful.

1969     Anne of the Thousand Days
starring: Richard Burton, Genevieve Bujold, Irene Papas, John Calieas,            Anthony Quayle
plot – The story of Henry VIII and his many wives.
This was a pretty good movie. Apparently movies about Henry the Eighth are blockbusters as this is the third movie I have watched in a short amount of time.

1969     Z
starring: Yvres Montand, Irene Papas
plot – This movie is based on true facts. It is about what happened            before the assassination of Greek, Gregoris Lambrakis. He was a        politician and physician and a pacifist.
This movie was not in English!!!  I became bored and couldn’t stomach reading the captions for all two hours and fifteen minutes. I must say the actors were quite passionate in delivering their lines.

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