Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday, May 1, 2016

What the Beck???

Happy Belated Birthday Linda!!!

Sur la Table Shopping Spree!!!!

 Here is my haul from my two classes at Sur la Table

Trip #1:  Cutting like a Pro class

 I fell in love with this covered basket.  
This would be perfect for food served outside.
This will keep out the darn flies.

 It is huge and will make refills unnecessary.
This entire thing is really sturdy and heavy.
It is definitely good quality.
This purchase had absolutely nothing to do
with the class I took. I just fell in love with it.

 This is the cutting or scraping tool that I told you about
in my blog.  I love the measurements as I
really stink at estimating them.

 These are the two cutting boards that I bought.
I was sold due to the rubber edges that prevent
slipping and sliding during cutting. A problem 
that I did have with my heavy plastic boards.
Two colors - because one is for meat and the other 
for fruits and veggies.  Do you have two??

Class #2:  Canning and Preserving

 This is one of the pots we used in class, and Laura,
our instructor, liked this type because you
can load the jars before lowering all of them
into the water.  It avoids splashing.

The speckling reminds me of the pots 
from my old west unit at school. 

 I bought this kit which has the basics for
canning and preserving. The tool atop of the
can inside lid is not my favorite, so I
bought it separate because it does not have a release.

 Here they are unpacked, and in my home ready to go. 

 This magnet is the best way to put the lids on the jars.
It is similar to the one above, but better!

When you push down the button at the top it stops
the magnet, and releases the top and ring atop
the sterilized jar. 

I told you about this funnel, but you couldn't
see the measurements which are fab!

I found this shortbread pan which was beautiful.

It is even better close up.
Of course, I have never made shortbread,
but I have the pan for when I decide to tackle this project.
Yes, it was an impulse buy!

It is hard to see what this tool is from this angle....

Ta Da....I pie, cake, or quiche slicer.  
This makes the perfect cuts.

I love making biscuits, and these are heavy, sturdy 
good quality cutters.

This is a doughnut and doughnut hole cutter.
Ree has two doughnut recipes that I haven't
tackled yet.  No excuse now!

This is the craziest thing I bought.  If you have a lot of
garlic to peel, you can put a lot of cloves in this
tube and roll it around, using pressure, and they
come out perfectly clean every time.

I needed a blurry cheese slicer.
Okay, maybe not the blur...

Sur la Table also sells boxes of mixes, so I
thought that I would try this one...for
the heck of it!

Lemon Poppy Seed doughnuts!!  
What more could a person want to eat??
Am I nervous and shaking the camera??
What is worth the blur??

Or well...
In case you were worried....I did sign up for 
two more classes at Sur la Table:
"Flavors of the South" and "Perfect Pies"
I love love love these classes.

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