Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday, May 27, 2016

What the Beck???

Maddie May's Baby Shower

Throughout the year I buy girl baby shoes, because 
they are darn cute.  I knew that eventually someone 
would have a girl, and I could share these adorable shoes.
I took this picture at home before the shower.

 This is my Godchild, Maddie, who is 
due in July with our first girl!

 The Lehman girls

 Regina, Josie, and sister Diane.

 Nieces Brandy and Heather

 Sisters Kim and Susan

 and again

 My Mom, Norma

 This is a gift that I had never even heard of before this day.
I knew what a baby monitor was, but this is a
video baby monitor.  My world is spinning!

 Sister, Kim, and niece, Alaina

 and again

 The Battaglia family
Maddie's inlaws, and in front, niece Alaina

 (top row) sister Diane, Josie
(bottom row) niece Rachel, sister, Susan, Debbie and Regina 

Marty, Mom, Norma, sister Kelly, me, Abby, and Roland

 I love that Maddie loved my shoes.
I already miss them.

 Yes, it's finally out of my basement!!!
What is it you ask?????
The pink baby chair that I bought for a girl five years ago.

 I fell in love with this wrapping paper!  
What a great way to personalize a gift.
I wonder how long it took Molly to join
all of these 8 x 10 sheets together.
Molly - you are so creative and Maddie
loved the gift from Molly and Alaina.

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