Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

What the Beck???

Secret Santa Gifts

December 19th clue: Celebrate the season

December 20th clue: Read the legend on the box

Family Christmas Party!!
(The rest of the photos)

Here is a family chart to make it easier.

Sister Kim, married to Greg, 3 kids:
Cory married to Brandy have a son, Nick
Wesley married to Lindsay have a son, Carden
Maddie married to Dave have a daughter, Grace

Sister Susan, married to Rick, 2 kids:
Shane with girlfriend Josie
Alaina, married to Tim, have 2 sons: Wyatt & Waylon

Sister Diane, 3 kids
Matthew, married to Heather have 2 sons: Colton & Lincoln
Molly, married to Bryan have a son, Hudson

A blurry photo of Diane, Molly, and a 
sleeping Hudson (under the shirt).

Uncle Cory and Carden

Grace and her Mommy Maddie

 Matt and Heather

 A Ho Ho Ho to you, too, Shane

Wesley helps Carden and Wyatt open their gifts 

 What is it, Wyatt???

I actually got a laugh from my sweet, Lincoln!!
Yee Ha - three for three. 


 Gracie surrounded by her seven BOY cousins
(Too bad it was so hard to get them all in a QUICK photo)

 Six of the eight
Nick looks so bored!

 We still don't have it!

 Yikes!  Lincoln is off to the left

 Yeah!! I got all eight in one photo!

 All eight, but I can't get them all facing the same 
direction at the same time.

 They're spreading apart!!

 On to the game of Charades!
We had the inlaws against my outlaw family!
These are the inlaws

Rachel was sweet and played with the 
inlaws to make the teams even.

Game over!  Night over!  Christmas is over!

Secret Santa Gifts

 December 19th gift:  Martinelli's Sparkling 
Apple & Cranberry Cider

 December 20th gift:  Bayberry Candles from
Yankee Candle

 The Legend

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