Saturday, December 10, 2016

Sunday, December 18th, 2016

Sunday, December 18th, 2016

What the Beck???

Secret Santa Gifts

December 17th clue: No time to cook. Then treat yourself.

December 18th clue: Use when taking something to someone's                                            house.

Family Christmas Party!!
(There are so many pictures that 
I will also post them on Tuesday, also)

Here is a family chart to make it easier.

Sister Kim, married to Greg, 3 kids:
Cory married to Brandy have a son, Nick
Wesley married to Lindsay have a son, Carden
Maddie married to Dave have a daughter, Grace

Sister Susan, married to Rick, 2 kids:
Shane with girlfriend Josie
Alaina, married to Tim, have 2 sons: Wyatt & Waylon

Sister Diane, 3 kids
Matthew, married to Heather have 2 sons: Colton & Lincoln
Molly, married to Bryan have a son, Hudson


Carden's eyes are spell-binding! 

 Brothers Wesley and Cory

 Carden loved the big vehicles!

 Maddie with sweet Hudson

Molly and Maddie switch kids (Grace and Hudson)
I love how Hudson mimics Aunt Maddie!! 


 Aunt Diane brought Rock'em Sock'em Robots
(one of our childhood games)
Wyatt and Nick loved to play it

I think Hudson needs some dinner! 

 Rick, Shane and Cory

A very happy Colton! 

Father and son: Bryan and Hudson 

 I actually caught Lincoln smiling

Twice!!  He is so darn cute! 

 Dinner's on for Colton!

 I adore my nieces: Brandy, Molly and Alaina

 and Josie and Heather

 Susan, Colton, Diane, and Kim
We were playing Family Feud

 Poor Lindsay had the hardest job -
being the emcee of the game

 Lindsay and my sisters

 Eat up boys!

 Aunt Maddie with a very busy Waylon

 Rachel and Nick pass out the presents

 I absolutely LOVE Susan and Rick's dog, Renny

 Renny made the big leap at me to give me a smooch!

 Presents take a long time to unwrap with this
giant family.
Tim and Wyatt wait for theirs and Rachel
is problem solving!

Secret Santa Gifts

December 17th gift:      $10.00 Panera gift card.  
                                       There is nothing better than a Roasted
                                        Turkey with Avocado BLT (minus 
                                        the tomato)

 December 18th gift:      Glad Press'n Seal wrap.  
                                       I have never seen this is the store. I
                                       think I used it at someone's home,
                                       but who and where is lost in the
                                       recesses of my mind.

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