Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday, December 16th, 2016

Friday, December 16th, 2016

What the Beck???

Happy Birthday, Kim!!

Secret Santa Gifts

December 15th clue: Take time to relax

December 16th clue: Pamper yourself

***There are so many ways to relax - what are yours???

My Christmas gift to myself
I have wanted one of these since I
thoroughly cleaned the basement
and made a happy discovery!

 Do you know what it is???  
Do ya?  Huh?  Do ya?

 It is a Jensen 3-speed stereo turntable 
with am/pm stereo radio!!!
a.k.a.  a record player
Menards had one for sale of Black Friday,
which I bought, but it was Blue Tooth and I had
no device to use it with, so I returned it
and bought this beauty.
I found a stack of my old records
while cleaning the basement.
Unfortunately, I had no way to play the
oldies, and I do mean oldies, until now.
Here is a sample....

 Ya gotta love Barry Manilow!
Okay, you don't, but I still do.
Madonna, am I alone???

A few of  the songs I loved were:  
I Write the Songs, and Looks Like We Made It!

This is my 1972 choir album from St. Charles High School.
The cover was drowned when I worked on the 
ship in Florida, but the record still plays fine.
I have three different albums that we made while
I was in high school.  I wonder if they still 
make a yearly record today????

The thing I found the most interesting when I played
the album was that I could remember all of words,
and still sing the alto part in each song. 

Either I have a good memory, or the songs
were somehow so important to me, that I imprinted
them in my long term memory, hopefully forever!

I love them ya, ya, ya,
I love them ya, ya, ya,
I love them ya, ya, ya.

The Beatles/ 1962 - 1966
Good Lord I am really showing my age!!

I remember in 8th grade doing my gymnastics
routine to Revolution.  Even though I
liked that song, my favorite will always be
Let it be.  I loved to hear Paul sing that one.

Here is an album from Florida where I learned
to love country music, and still do today!

Some of my favorite are: Ruby,
The Gambler, and Coward of the County.

This is the oldest record I own now.
We learned to love the Lennon and McGuire Sisters 
thanks to my Mom.
Of course, there were four of us, but we
gave it our best. My favorite on this album is
the title song:  Sugartime

Sugar in the morning, 
Sugar in the evening,
Sugar at Suppertime,
Be my little sugar and love me all the time.

I am totally jumping around the decades.
I loved the Sony and Cher show, and I loved
their music.

Of course I liked the song I Got You Babe
A Cowboy's Work is Never Done, United We Stand,
and The Beat Goes On

I have several Streisand albums. This
was the easiest to photograph, because I
don't have covers on most of them.  

I love the songs:  You Don't Bring Me Flowers,
and The Way We Were.

Secret Santa Gifts

December 15th gift: These adorable candles (love the shape)
and a Tranquil Chamomile Mineral Bath.

At this time of year everyone needs to relax
and let the holiday stress go.

This is so thoughtful.
Who are you????

December 16th gift:   Eos hand lotion and 
fresh grapefruit lip balm.  Jenny Anderson gave
me my first Eos product, and I have been hooked
ever since.  Does this giver know that??
Do they just have fabulous taste??
This is so much fun and my curiosity
is at an all time high!!

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