Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

What the Beck???

"Bardstown" continued Wednesday, Day 3B

     In my "pretrip research," I read many recommendations for Hadorn's Bakery on Flaget Street. The employees bake at night from one to seven and produces a limited amount, but a large variety. The actual store is the small side of the building (where the awning hangs).  It is small, but fabulous.  There are only two exterior tables, and yet when I arrived at 10 am the store shelves were almost empty. There were maybe 20 or so items left.  Everyone was asking for the Yum Yum Glazed Pretzel, but she runs out very early because they are a real hit. I was there too darn late to try it.

     This consignment shop is on one of the main streets. I loved this resale shop. I purchased a black purse and two pairs of "baby construction-like boots." The people here were so welcoming and friendly.  

     I swear this purse was never used. It has no scratches, and all of the zippers work beautifully.  This was priced at $9.00.  I got it 1/2 price!!  $4.50 - what a steal. LOVE IT!

     I fell in love with these little work boots.  They will be a gift to my great-nephew, Carden, soon. 

    I wandered down the street until I arrived "At Marys."  This was a dangerous store for me. On my February trip, I purchased a black and white polka dot plate with a lime green ring around it and have used it every day as my daily plate. As I entered this store the table in the front was set with the most adorable dishes that I have ever seen. I fell in love and purchased 4 bowls, 4 plates, 1 cake plate, 1 serving platter, and a long thin tray. For me, it was worth every single penny.  I use them every day, and it was the best purchase I made in all of the trips, so far. 

 Here are the four adorable bowls.

 Using this bowl makes me smile every day!

Here are the four adorable plates. 

 Eating is fun with this plate.


 This serving plate is the perfect size.
My flash isn't working, and it doesn't look white

 I think this piece is fabulous, 
and it is white, too, darn it!

 Set this direction, this is a veggie and dip bowl
Yeah, the flash is back on!

 Set this way, it is a cake plate

     From here I walked through Hurst Drugstore and Soda Fountain. It reminded me of the old Burger Drugs in St. Charles when they had a soda fountain.  A fun blast from the past. 

     Bardstown has one of those crazy squares, too.  I am getting better at figuring out where to enter and exit this maze. The large building in the center of the square is the Visitor's Center.  They were so helpful, and gave me a packet with everything you will ever need to know about the town. On this day, the temperature was almost 90 degrees, so I was not happy to see this horse working so hard.  

Poor baby!

     I ate lunch at Mammy's Kitchen on Stephen Foster Avenue. It was pretty packed, so I just ate at the counter. I didn't want to wait 15 minutes for a table. I had a fabulous grilled cheese sammy made with pepper jack and cheddar cheese which was topped with bacon. Of course, I passed on the tomato. I was starving and this sandwich just hit the spot.

     This was the dining room at Mammy's. It is nothing special, but the food is worth the wait.

     This building is the Old Talbott Tavern. I had a choice for lunch, and went the cheaper route and ate at Mammys Kitchen.

This Tavern was a big landmark for the town.

     My next stop was the County Police Station. I spent 45 minutes with the Ex-Chief who still helped out in the office part-time. We talked about the drug issues (#1 problem in the area), as well as what makes this a great town. He was wonderful! While we were talking a man ran in and wanted to report a missing person. I was not happy about that, but who knows why the person was gone.

       I left the Sheriff’s office and toured part of the town of Bardstown. Here are some of the beautiful homes that line the main areas of the town. I must say that I apparently lean to the right.  What a mess I am!


Another crooked house....
or another crooked photographer. Geez!!!!!!!

I love the look of this house. The color was just 
beautiful!  It was a soft gray blue.

       After I toured this part of town, I went to the Bardstown School Administration Office. In case something happened, and I needed a job, I obtained an application for subbing. All I would need is this application and my teaching certificates. Some of the districts in this area pay subs based on how much experience and/or degrees they have to date.  That was a first for me. Hopefully, I will never need to sub.  I really love every minute at home. Are you shocked, Steve???

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