Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday, October 17, 2016

What the Beck???

from Kentucky

This one is for Nicole. Prior to my leaving for the 
trip, we were laughing at some of the names of 
the towns. As I drove through Marrowbone, 
I thought of Nicole.

What a beautiful mural to advertise a car repair shop.

Look at the detail!

I continue to be fascinated with the landscape. 
There are so many times on this trip that I drove 
through an area that had to be blasted to create 
the road through the rocky terrain.

The rock is really interesting and beautiful in its own way.

I laughed when I saw this street sign.

I thought this little house was so cute.
Is it a playhouse?  
Is it a shed?
Is it a minihouse like on the small house show?
I think it is just darn right cute.

This is the second house I saw on this trip 
that is falling down and apart.
Why don't they tear it down?
What happened to it?
It isn't safe for people or animals!
I need action to be taken!!!!!!
(It's all about me)

I just love a barn. This definitely is a fixer upper.

Who knows what it said?
After the fire, why leave that small amount 
flapping in the breeze?

FIRE!!!  Total destruction and just plain old sadness

I actually stopped the car for this photo. How can these 
trucks drive through the cornfield without the tires 
popping???? I love that the trucks were 
driving opposite directions.

Is there ANY town in the state of Kentucky 
that doesn't have a Dollar General?

A good breeze would blow straight through 
this sad barn.  
Air holes???


  1. My parents and I got a flat tire in the middle of nowhere Kentucky a couple of years ago. While we waited the two hours for AAA to come get us, a random guy stopped by, changed the tire for us. He just happened to have a hydraulic jack and pneumatic wrench in his pickup. He even helped us unpack the trunk of the car and repack it! When we offered him money he refused, said goodbye and drove off on his way. Without his help, we never would have made it to the Wal-Mart in the next town, before their tire place closed. He certainly left us with a good impression of the good people of Kentucky.

  2. Those barns remind me of the show Barnwood Builders on DIY network. Those guys are based in West Virginia, but they go around tearing down old barns and using the wood from them to build new homes. It's actually a way to preserve the past, instead of just letting the barns rot away to nothing.