Thursday, October 13, 2016

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Thursday, October 13, 2016

What the Beck???

"Leitchfield" Wednesday, Day 3C

     There was still a lot of daylight left, so I thought I would run on over to Leitchfield. The population of this town is 6,827. The last time I was in Leitchfield, I got stuck in the mud in someone’s driveway out in the country. The county police pulled me out. Leitchfield has a town square like so many of these towns. Dora, my GPS, called it a round about.
      My first stop was The Grayson County News Gazette, so I could order the paper to be sent to Illinois. The clerk gave me a lot of local pamphlets and a free newspaper. 

 The lead story is that 200 chickens were killed in a barn fire in the county.  I don't think the Chronicle ever had a lead story about chickens or ducks or cattle...

       As I was leaving the office I saw the Leitchfield County Police office. I had to stop in to see if the two officers who pulled me out of the mud were working. When the secretary told him “the girl who you helped out of the mud in February is here to see you.” I heard a shout and he said, “I know who that is”. He came out smiling and welcomed me back to town. He asked to see my list of properties and gave me advice. One he warned me about, and another he actually scratched off the list. He said the people in that area are always in trouble, and it would be just plain dangerous for me. I thanked him SO MUCH for his help.

Okay....out to the country I go...

The first property was at 1 Taylor Fork Road. I had a terrible time finding it and couldn't get any photos.  The land was heavily wooded and overgrown.  This one was a no no!

   Above was the second property at 2912 Sunbeam Rd. This was a big property but there was a neighbor within 50 feet of the front door - so this one is also a NO! Someone needs a tree trimmer.

The third property was the “ify” property at 6828 Salt River Rd.  Zillo reports:
Updated and Beautiful! This Ranch Style 3 bedroom (possibly 5) 3 full and 1/2 bath, 1800 sqft 1st floor and 1140 sqft basement has much to offer while nestled on a small 17.84 acre farm. The updated kitchen includes a stainless steel refrigerator, Impeccable granite counter tops, stunning glass backsplash, double oven, dishwasher and a cooktop built into the island. As you're walking across the captivating hardwood floors you'll soon find yourself trying to decide which Master Bedroom you will want to make your own. The choice may be difficult as each Master Bedroom boasts newly laid carpet and a spacious en suite. It also comes with a 20'X40' swimming pool, 20KW generator, 90 HP Tractor, 6' bush hog, 6' PTO Tiller, Rowing Disc, Hay Fork, barn with 8 horse stalls & chicken coop. 

My reaction:  The land here is great and flat.  This house is right on this highway which is something I really don't want. This was the property I was warned about because it is 6 miles out of Leitchfield, and 8 miles out of town has had a rash of burglaries/robberies. I'm not willing to take that chance. 

This is a cute little shed.

The house looked good from the road.

Is this a garage or the barn???

The land is pretty and flat and usable!!

     After this I headed back to Etown (Elizabethtown), because it was almost six p.m.  I was tired and wanted to read a book in peace. After dinner, I wrote up my day in the hotel dining room. The reward for getting this writing done, is that I can go to bed and read.
     I really miss my girls now that it is Wedneday night. I do call and check on them every day, and know they are well cared for, but I can't wait to see them.

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