Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday, August 28, 2015

What the Beck???

Molly and Bryan’s Rehearsal and Wedding

         I was quite honored when my niece, Molly and Bryan asked me to officiate their wedding, Unfortunately since I was in the ceremony, I did not get the opportunity to take the pictures that I would have loved to take that day. Here are the ones I was able to get from the rehearsal and wedding days.

The ring bearers and flower girl
The youngest boy, is my great nephew Colton

They are so darn cute

They were very focused

The bridesmaids awaiting the bride

On the left, is Bryan, the fabulous groom
The other guys are the groomsmen

My gorgeous nieces:
 Alaina with our baby to be in November,
Maddie, the next bride,
and Molly, the woman of the hour, the bride

My youngest niece, Rachel, joins her cousins

What are we looking at?

These four are my world.
I love them so much!

 The Wedding Day

 to look at the "real" photographers photos of the day go to:

The wedding was held at the amazing Starline Factory.  If you are a bride to be - check it out.
Maddie and Alaina try to figure out G-Ma's camera.

The room was so dark that my little
flash didn't make a difference.

Darn the darkness!
Their smiles were so perfect

The hallway had a lot of light

I love this picture of Maddie and Alaina

Molly's dress took my breath
She was so beautiful

I am so happy for you, Molly Jo

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