Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Week 4 Tuesday (1/28/14)

Recipe Review

Today’s Recipe and Location:  Cowboy Quiche
         Found in: The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food From my Frontier
                           Pages 32-33      Copyright:  2012  Harper Collins

I figured out that there are 428 calories per serving, if 16 servings are made. I make two single crust pies that create 16 servings. (Please note that the calorie counts vary depending on the specific brands of ingredients that you choose to use.)

         I absolutely loved this quiche.  It was hearty and filling and I loved every single ingredient.  I had a major crisis creating this yummy breakfast. Because I did not have a deep dish pie plate so I improvised.  BIG MISTAKE!! I placed the pie pan in the oven and went outside to play with my dogs. Suddenly little Sage ran toward the house and frantically tried to get into the door.  I thought she was hurt or stung by a bee.  When I neared the door I thought I heard the timer (even though it was five minutes early). What Sage heard was not the timer, but all of the smoke alarms going off. I ran into the house and checked the oven because the house was filled with smoke.  All of the butter in the recipe had bubbled over, out of the pie pan, and was on fire on the bottom of the oven.  I turned off the oven, removed the pan, and opened every blasted window in the house.
         A side note or random thought – don’t ya just love firemen? I love anyone who will run into a burning building to save me.  Now, I didn’t actually start my house on fire, but just knowing that they will come and save me gives me peace of mind.  A shout out to the fireman I know well, respect, and love.  Thanks a bunch – Leo Veseling, Mike Thomas, and Brian Byrne.  You are the best!
         Now back to the tragedy of the day. My oven was trashed.  Because of the oven crisis, the dish was not cooked in the middle. I decided to clean it off and microwave the glass dish until the middle firmed up.  The glass pan I selected in the beginning was too small for the amount of liquid and butter in the dish.  MY fault – not Rees!  After a lot of problems – the dish turned out great – as you can see from the critics. The best part was that I actually learned how to clean a self-cleaning oven (technological genius I am not). I also stayed up the entire night because I thought the oven at 500 degrees would start the kitchen on fire. I came to this thought because I touched the outside of the oven and the sides felt extremely hot.  I really thought the cabinets that butted up to the oven would ignite.  I called my neighbor, Nicole, and she said not to worry.  I was not really consoled so I called my Mom – who reaffirmed what Nicole had already told me. Apparently, I am a maniac and couldn’t let it go.  Oh well – another sleepless night in Illinois.  Maybe it would have been better if I were in Seattle…or not.
         My issues with fire began when I was a child.  When I was a kid, my neighbor’s house burned to the ground and their two children and dog died in the fire.  Since that time, I have had an unrealistic fear of fire.  It probably was traumatic for me because I watched them pull the dog out of the building.  Unfortunately it imprinted on my psyche and I am permanently damaged.  OMG – I sound pitiful!
         Back on track - this quiche is absolutely wonderful!  It will fill you up and truly make you a happy camper.

These pictures were taken when I remade it into
disposable pie plates to deliver to friends.

Today’s critics: 

         Brandy Lehman:  “Quiche - is that how you spell that? I have no idea? Here is the thing about Quiche with me. I don't like them, none of them, so I tried not to be biased. It was good for Quiche, but like I said, I don't like Quiche. Use Nicole’s review for that one ha ha.”

         Nicole Serpico:  “I would definitely make this crust. The quiche was very hearty.  I want the women’s version!

Why Weight?

         So let’s talk about counting calories and cooking Ree Drummond’s (Pioneer Woman’s) food.  Ree is such a magnificent cook that I worried a little if I could cook her food and continue to lose weight.  Well let me tell you that it can be done.  Of course I wish I was riding the range with her family and punching cattle (to all of those kids reading this it means working with cattle - not hitting them), but I am not fortunate enough to be on the Oklahoma range.  So from the beginning, I figured out how many calories were in each of her recipes. I have to admit that it took a tremendous amount of time but was totally worth it.  I eat Ree’s food every day for every meal.  It is rich and creamy and definitely not diet food.  All you have to do to figure out the calories is look at the packages or just look online.  I typed in
                  HOW MANY CALORIES IN________________?

I was very specific.  Here is an example:
         How many calories in 4 oz. of Bowtie pasta?
                  The answers ranged from 400 to 420 calories because I didn’t type in the brand name of the product.

It is more specific if you just look on the label of the product you actually use to create the dish.

         Of course, I hope everyone is buying Ree’s cookbook to try out the magnificent food, but you can figure out the calories in any recipe easily.  My next challenge is to figure out the calories in her brand new cookbook so I can eat my way through that one, too.  Can you tell I love her cooking? 

My Gorgeous Girls

         Selecting a vet is just as important to me as selecting a doctor for myself. Willow and Sage have wonderful doctors. My cousin, Dr. Craig Stevenson, used to be my veterinarian but unfortunately, he retired. Darn him!  He was the best of the best and I always had complete faith in his abilities. 
         I am so thrilled that we stayed at Sandwich Veterinary Hospital because the vets are amazing. They are all caring individuals who are gifted in their field.
         I think I know the entire staff at the hospital.  They have always been so good to my girls, as they were to my previous shelties.  I love a business where the customer is treated with respect. No matter how ridiculous or annoying my questions have been, I have never been brushed off, ignored, or patronized.
         It is worth a wonderful drive in the country to have a veterinary staff you know and trust!  Give them a call, you won’t be sorry!

Sandwich Veterinary Hospital
1214 East Church St.
Sandwich, IL 60548
815 – 786 – 2103

The amazing vets are:  
Marianne Krumdick, D.V.M.
Theresa Herbers, D.V.M.
Heidi Dinelli, D.V.M.

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