Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 3 Monday (1/20/14)

Recipe Review

Today’s Recipe and Location:  Grilled Corn Guacamole
Found in: The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food From my Frontier
Pages  90 - 91    Copyright:  2012  Harper Collins

I figured out that there are 307 calories per serving, if 8 servings are made. (Please note that the calorie counts vary depending on the specific brands of ingredients that you choose to use.)


         Being from the Heartland, corn is an important part of our summer. I remember my Mom planting corn in our garden in Rainbow Hills. I heard somewhere that the U.S. grows almost 100 million acres of corn each year. I am proud to be from Illinois, which is one of the top two corn producing states in the USA. (The other is Iowa if you were curious).  These two states supply 1/3 of all corn grown in the states. Can you tell I have a few relatives that were farmers?
         There is nothing like sweet corn that has been slathered in butter and doused with salt. Think about eating one ear on a hot summer day.  One of my favorite meals is a grilled cheeseburger, an ear of sweet corn, some potato salad, and a large Diet Coke. Life is really good when that meal is served.
         I had to make an adaptation to this recipe when I made my portion. I omitted the tomato because it gives me hives. I did include tomatoes in the guacamole that I gave to today’s critics.  I am a true guacamole lover.  Before today, the only guacamole I ever tasted came from Chipotle.  I love that guac and now have branched out to a chunkier type.  I loved this recipe and will make it again.

Tell me that you don't want to take a big bite of this scrumptious delight!

Today’s critics

         Today we have added the fabulous Mansour family: Paul, Melissa, Courtney, Taylor and Ryan and Grandpa Mansour.
         Paul informed me, “The lime is not overpowering and it is very fresh.”
Courtney said, “It is really good but I prefer smooth guacamole instead of chunky.” Melissa added, “I would like additional salt and more lime juice, however I would still eat the whole thing.” Mr. Mansour Senior (G-Pa) said, “I’ve never tasted one like that before, it needs more texture, more avocado and cilantro.
          Brandy Lehman: “This is my FAVORITE from this batch of food. I am very particular about my Guac, I usually don't like a lot of "Stuff" added to it, but whoa, this was good, I even ate it for breakfast this morning. I could definitely taste the grilled corn and I liked how chunky the avocados were. I think the sweetness of the corn and the saltiness of the chips were a perfect combo in my mouth.”

         The Serpico’s enjoyed the guac, too.  Gianna needed more salt, but she said it was good! She likes it creamier with less chunks, however she still ate it without stopping.  Marisa gave it two thumbs up and said, “Mmmmmmm!” Nicole also thought it needed more salt. She liked the chunks and said the corn added a sweet taste.”

Marisa chows down on a yummy piece of guacamole

Craft Corner

         I loved crafting!  I fill a great deal of my free time sewing, quilting, knitting, floral arranging, and cross stitching…  The most dangerous stores in the world to me are Hobby Lobby and Michaels.  I never get out the door for less than $100.00.
         Today I would love to share a wonderful knitting book called

Precious Layettes to Knit.
By: Jeannine
Lesiure Arts
EAN – 13: 978-1-60900-188-9

         This baby layette book was a major upgrade for me because last year I learned to knit an easy baby sweater, hat and mittens. This is up a level or two, I did not know how to do many of the stitches but fortunately youtube has demonstrations. So far I have created two of the blankets – that ended up beautiful, if I do say so myself. I am in the middle of my first sweater in this book. 
         If you are up for a challenge and enjoy knitting – give it a try.  I am so thankful that I did.
         Let’s get knitting!

Random Reflections

         Have you ever noticed the beauty of a caterpillar?  Have you ever taken the time?  While on a school field trip I came upon this little fellow on a path out at Otter Creek. He was just ambling along on the path with no care in the world.  Caterpillars are such harmless critters that ask nothing of anyone and just give back a beauty unlike that of any other “bug.” 

Wants and Wishes

         I wish I had more time for crafting. I guess I need to set aside time each week to sew or knit or even work a puzzle.  Sometimes we all get bogged down in the day-to-day work and stresses and let our passions fall by the wayside.  I have never been one for New Year’s Resolutions but may be this will be my goal.  I want to remember to allow time for my personal preferences and leave work at work.

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