Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Week 2 Wednesday (1/15/14)

Recipe Review

Today’s Recipe and Location:  Spicy Caesar Salad
Found in: The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food From my Frontier
Pages  40 - 41    Copyright:  2012  Harper Collins

         I have never really been a big fan of the new salad wedge.  It seems like it would be easier to eat if it was just chopped up, but I want to enter the new world and go with the flow.  Unfortunately, this is the first thing that I have made that I would not make again.  It may be partially because I prefer a creamy dressing. The chipotle peppers definitely gave it a lot of zing. I really love the chipotle ranch dressing sold in the produce section of Walmart.  That one has a lot of kick and is rich and creamy enough for me.  For me – a thumbs down.  Now I have guilt for letting Ree down.  Sorry Ree!  Unfortunately, I do not have a photo for this one - just think of a wedge of lettuce with dressing on it.  Waalaa - a good visualizing activity!

Today’s Critics: The Lehman and Serpico Families

        The Serpico Girls:  “The dressing has too much of a taste of olive oil.  It was a little spicy for the kids, but not too bad.  It needed more salt.  We won’t be making the Caesar dressing again.”
       Brandy Lehman:  “Wow, yes, spicy is right. I did like it, but it was a little too bold even for me, and I like spicy food. It definitely didn't ruin the salad for me by any means.  I would never make it. Bold taste, but not for my salads.”

Gabbin’ About Gratitude

         I am grateful for a really good chef’s knife.  Ree Drummond’s favorite knife is the Wusthof Nakiri classic 8 inch wide cook’s knife.  She raves about this gem on her show as well as gives it out as a prize.  I did a little research and in this area located it in many possible locations. On December 14th, Bed, Bath, and Beyond sold it for $149.99. Amazon and William-Sonoma both sold it for $129.95.  I know it sounds expensive but when you cook all of the time, a good knife is a gift to yourself because it saves you time and makes cutting food easier.  Treat yourself today!

Memory Musings

         Baseball is the all-American sport, according to the commercials.  You know…baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet.  I know you are all singing that song – so don’t pretend that you don’t know what I am talking about.
         As kids, we spent many a day playing softball in Mr. Charles’ field.  In those days families were larger than they are today and our neighborhood was no exception.  There was always a group around to get up a game.  Now those of you from my generation may remember that we played games that we organized and had no ref to solve our problems.  I think that is why we were good communicators.  I hope we are not doing our kids a disservice by not letting them problem solve for themselves. Our parents never got involved in kid disputes.
         These laidback days held so many wonderful memories of filling our time enjoying friends and playing a great game. So maybe we should encourage our kids to get up a game in our neighborhoods this summer. 

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