Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

What the Beck???

The Best of Nelson County 2017

       Background:  I was reading The Kentucky Standard, our local newspaper, and they had a section called The Best of Nelson County 2017. This section listed 100 categories for the Readers' Choice Awards. This is the second installation of my visits to these winning business locations.

#9    Best Bakery:  The winner was Hadorn's Bakery

Hadorn's Bakery is located at Flaget Ave & 4th Street, Bardstown.
502 - 348 - 4407

I have been to Hadorn's Bakery twice. The first time was at 10:45 a.m. and there was only six items left. This is an extremely popular place. It is not large, but I found it amazing how quickly they sell out each day. I initially tried their cinnamon roll which was fabulous. As I talked to people in the town, they all told me about a "Yum Yum" which is a great breakfast treat.  I highly recommend this wonderful winner.

#96    Best Hotel/Motel/Lodging:  The winner was Hampton Inn

The Hampton Inn is located at 985 Chambers Blvd. Bardstown.
502 - 349 - 0100

I love, love, love this Hampton Inn. I am a Silver Card member and only stay at Hamptons. The staff here are friendly, kind, and very efficient. I stayed here many times and the rooms are clean and the breakfast was quite good.  If you are visiting Bardstown, you should stay at this Hampton Inn.

This is a type of lounge in the evening and the location for breakfast in the morning. I spent a lot of time here processing my daily visits in the area when I was searching for my new home.

#10    Best Sandwich Shop:  The winner was Just Baked

 Just Baked is located at 962 Chambers Blvd. Bardstown.
502 - 348 - 8004

This is such a cute business!

The lunch menu sounded great, and even
though they won for sandwiches I went
with the soup of the day which was Chicken Taco.
It was amazing!!!!
I also bought some cranberry pecan chicken
salad which was outstanding,

The bakery items called to me, but I decided 
to be "good" and skip these today.

I really want to try the cheeseburger
potato since I love both items!

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