Saturday, August 5, 2017

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Saturday, August 5, 2017

What the Beck???

This has been a crazy week of dealing with “house stuff.”

I am dealing with an issue with the county about my workroom and main house kitchens. We have reached an agreement, but now I have to schedule the work.

So far I have:
       Removed the stove from the main house
       Removed both fryers from the workroom
       Removed the large stove/griddle from the            workroom
           ****A giant thank you to Robbie Blanford                    and Billy Barnett who worked hard to get                everything removed for me.
       Shopped for three residential stoves to                   replace the professional stove that has            been removed from the workroom
       Had a professional floor cleaner remove
           grease from the workroom kitchen            floor
       Talked to an electrician to schedule him to            install individual outlets for the three            new stoves
       Talked to a professional cleaner to tackle            cleaning the industrial stove hood which
              is staying

Once the last two are complete, I can have the two inspections and install the new stoves. Then, I have to call the propane company. They will come back out here and fill the already installed propane tank in the yard. 

This is the white submarine that is docked in my yard.
Thank God it is behind the workroom and outside the fence. I took the picture a little late in the day.

I was excited because I made it to my knitting group on Monday. I really miss that fabulous group of women when I have appointments on Mondays.

Here is the blanket that I finished this week.  I am now working on another blanket (the same pattern), but in baby soft yellow yarn.

 I folded it over so you can see the front on 
the right and the back on the bottom left.

 The front side

A close-up that shows the beautiful design.

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