Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thursday, September 17, 2015

What the Beck???

Curves Bee Hive

       This is a large beehive that was in a tree in the parking lot at Curves.  Isn’t it nasty looking?

Imagine how many bees live here!

LaSalle County Courthouse in Ottawa

       I am on a mission to discover the “real” last name of my family. My grandfather and his siblings (on my Dad’s side) grew up in Streator, Illinois. When they were young children, their Mom died. Unfortunately, my great grandfather could not work and take care of his young children at the same time, so he put them in some type of orphanage. To make matters worse, the orphanage burned, as did the records of the children’s name. The children were placed with a family from Streator named Guerdon. My great grandfather began calling himself Guerdon, as did his children, but they did not change the name legally. Then, my great grandfather passed away.
         When my grandfather was getting ready to get married, he wanted to know what his real name was, so he went to one of the two courthouses in Streator, and selected the name he thought belonged to his family. My Aunt Dorothy was convinced that this was not our name. My Aunt Ada agrees with her. If he did not research all three children and verify the name, he may have been incorrect. Aunt Dorothy believed the name was something like Zoems.
         The first thing you need to know is that Streator is divided into two counties: LaSalle and Livingston. I spent a couple of days at the LaSalle County Courthouse and looked through the books below.

         I checked the birth of every child born between 1884 – 1903. I did not find an Amiel, David, and Frieda with the same last name, or with parents named Matthew and Emma.

These pages made my eyes cross after
reading them so much every day

This was one of the second set of books I had
to look through for people who reported
their child's birth later than expected.

Look at the size of these babies!
That is why it took me so long to
go through two entire sets of them.

         It took a long time and many hours of researching, but I am not discouraged. I have eliminated one courthouse, and am now on to the next one. I also plan on discovering the name of the orphanage, and if it is associated with a church. If it is, then there is a chance that the church may have a duplicate set of records.  So, it looks like I will also need to visit the local newspaper office, or the library.  Sounds like a week’s worth of research to me.  Wish me luck!

"Do you miss teaching?"

       That is the number one question I am asked weekly. My answer is always the same.  “NO!  I truly miss my school friends, but my kids are gone, and I was REALLY ready to try new things and have new adventures.”  People always think that I should be having a hard time and pine for what I had, but I loved my job for 30 years, and I was ready to move on. Will I ever miss meetings??? Never!  Will I miss report cards and conferences???  Never!  Will I ever miss the day-to-day schedule???  Never!!!  I love getting up now and doing just what I want to do each day.  My schedule is totally created by my likes and dislikes.
         I do have to say that I am never bored.  I am STILL cleaning that darned basement, although it is almost done. I haven’t touched the sewing room, because I have been focused on my family events, as you can tell from the blog entries. I am now focused on Kentucky and my family research.
         How can I not love being retired????

Judy Carne

         Did you know that Judy Carne died on September third of pneumonia at the age of 76? I remember her so well from Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In. She was the “Sock it to me” girl.
Are you old enough to remember Judy?  She was great.

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