Thursday, May 1, 2014

Week 17 Thursday (5/1/14)

Recipe Review                     

Today’s Recipe and Location:  Puffed Pastry Pizza
         Found in: The Pioneer Woman blog

The calories for this pizza will vary greatly depending on the ingredients you want to use to make it.  I think I will keep varying it and trying new items because it is fun and I already discovered a magnificent fall back position with the pizza that I made yesterday.

A horrible picture but it just deflated and you can see
 the creamy goodness in the middle

Look at that cheezy goodness!

         This is one of the strangest pizzas I have seen or made. Ree was right when she said that the puffed pastry contorts and rises a great deal while in the oven. The puff rose way up and then dropped like a rock when it was removed from the oven. I varied the recipe a lot on this one. I used the puffed pastry, olive oil, havarti and blue cheese.  Ree’s recipe was completely different because she added a lot more items with many I would never eat.  I have to say that every bite of mine was fabulous. The cheeses were creamy and the pastry dough was so wonderful.  This is a great new variation on a regular pizza and a great change of pace

Random Reflections - The Glorious Garden       

         Today we are going to talk trenches.  Now that may not be the formal landscaping name but that it what I call them. The trench is a shallow moat-like ditch that keeps the grass out of the gardens. Considering the amount of gardens of flowers that I have, to dig the drench is a tedious, back-breaking activity. It usually takes me about a week to dig it all and spray the grass and weeds that are now overpowering my garden.  This is the bane of my existence in the spring. Since we have rain all week, the trench and weeding will commence next week (I hope).

This is an eroding trench that has filled in after the winter melt

This trench has had last year's mulch washed into it and it isn't a trench anymore.


Irksome Ideas and Images

         Geese are annoying critters. At our school, the geese are considered bothersome because they leave droppings all over the fields and driveways. They are truly messy animals and quite aggressive ones, too.
         I do enjoy watching the geese leave the area in the fall. We have a couple of retention ponds in our neighborhood so the noise of the departing geese is deafening as they leave the area. I love to watch the formations as they sail overhead.
         They are an interesting bird to watch. They are quite bold and yet take flight if anyone comes too close. They seem to bond with each other and some stand guard while the others rest.
         When you have a minute, watch the geese in your area and see if you agree with me. Geese – bothersome but amazing.

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