Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 5 Monday (2/3/14)

Week 5         MONDAY

Recipe Review

Today’s Recipe and Location:  Hummas
         Found in: The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food From my Frontier
                           Pages 94-95      Copyright:  2012  Harper Collins

I figured out that there are 377 calories per serving, if 8 servings are made. (Please note that the calorie counts vary depending on the specific brands of ingredients that you choose to use.)

         I have only tasted hummus one time at the home of one of my previous students. They served it with carrots and various crackers.  I took a big bite and it was okay but not something that really interested me.
         As I was perusing the cookbook I came upon Ree’s hummus recipe. My first thought was that memory of my first bite of hummus – bland and tasteless .  Ree’s hummus was not difficult to make and it was loved by all critics. I tried it but it still didn’t float my boat.  I also discovered a health reason why this is not the dish for me.  I am on a drug called Coumadin.  Apparently, chick peas a.k.a. garbanzo beans,  which are a main ingredient in hummus, will make your blood thicker which is really bad for me.  My blood test went way down and I learned that the cause was that dip. So in this way I owe Ree a big THANK YOU!  If she didn’t have that recipe in her book, I may never have discovered that garbanzo beans are detrimental to my health. If you love hummus – this is a great recipe for you to try.

Today’s critics: 
         The Serpicos all loved it. They were very hungry and chowed down on hummas and crackers. They really enjoyed this dish and the spicy crackers made it even better.
         Brandy Lehman said, “Great! The flavor was excellent. I think people either like hummus or don't like it, and I am a person that likes it. Ree’s recipe tasted great on both the crackers and carrots.

Craft Corner

         One of my favorite things to do is to make cards.  I used to do this every summer so I had enough to send out for the entire year.  The last two years I have failed miserably.  I have so many activities that I love to do that this one somehow got pushed to the side. 
         I can’t wait to retire so I have 365 days to do all of the things that give me joy and challenge my creativity. I can’t imagine what that will be like for me.  Knowing my scary organizational side, I will probably create a 365 day calendar and enter in activities to fill each day. 
         So many retired people have told me that I will return to school and sub because after awhile I will be bored at home.  They definitely don’t know the “home me.” I guess I don’t share all of the activities and crafts that I work on with my school friends. I can honestly say that I have never been bored a day in my life.  I get that gift from my Mom.  There are always new things to try, books to be read, gardening to do, and crafts to make. 
         Here are a few examples of my cards.  Yes – Donna, we made these when we went to that church somewhere and had a scrapbooking day!  I miss those fun days.

Random Reflections

         Driving to work each day is always a challenge but it is made stressful by people who tailgate. What is the real point? Are they late risers?  Will they be fired if they are a minute late or are they just aggressive drivers? 
         I really don’t get it.  I have been known to be a little passive aggressive myself when being followed a little too closely. I must admit that in the past I have pulled up to the vehicle next to me and kept going the same speed as it is going to make everyone slow down. I know I frustrated the tailgater but I must admit that when faced with no options the person relaxes and backs off.  At that point I speed up and let them pass.  Of course, I make no eye contact as that would look like it was intentional.  Oh well – another day, another drive.

Wants and Wishes

         I was reading the Tribune the other day and read story after story that just made me feel horrible.  So many people are struggling and downtrodden.  I want to remember how fortunate I am and that I need to have patience in my every day life.  Plato said it best, “Be kinder than is necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.”  WOW!  It’s like he is here.  So many things said long ago still apply to our lives today. My wish is to be aware and focus on being kinder than necessary!

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