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What the Beck???

Moving to Kentucky

     After two months of waiting, I was finally ready to move to Kentucky. My closing was postponed so many times that I truly dislike PNC for the mistakes they made that caused me such stress and so many delays.  
     My wonderful family helped pack and move the boxes and small furniture on a 20 foot U-haul truck. My brother-in-law Greg drove the truck to Bardstown, and I followed with my "stuffed to the gills" van. We left on Friday, unloaded the van and truck on Saturday AM, and returned to Illinois on Saturday night.  I had hired Corvins Movers to help Greg empty the truck when we arrived at my home to be. The homeowners allowed me to store all of my belongings in "the party room" for a week before my official closing. Once I returned to Illinois, all that was left in the house were the larger pieces of furniture, and the entire garage.

 My house looked so sad without the boxes.

 I have never had professional movers and loved how they 
packed my couch. It arrived in perfect condition!!

 This was the monster truck that moved my belongings.
I strongly recommend Ace Relocation Movers. 
Every single thing arrived in perfect condition.
The only thing broken was a cheap Walmart glass pitcher
that I forgot to wrap the handle carefully.

 It's ready to go!

 Since I moved all of the furniture, including my bed,
I spent the rest of the week sleeping on this inflatable mattress
on the bedroom floor. At first, it was great. By the end 
of the week, I was dying for a real bed.

I used my two decorative bed pillows to make
a chair.  Nicole offered one, and Paul Mansour
walked one over.  Life was better!
What will I do without the Serpico and Mansour families?

Yeah!  The semi is coming up the lane.

I feel like launching into the song from the Music Man
"Oh ho the Wells Fargo Wagon is a comin'
down the street or please let it be for me."

Everything in now residing in "the party room" 
soon to be called my workroom.

The dogs hated this room because we literally
had tunnels to get from one side of the room
to the other side.

Now, the task is to unpack and sort.
I need to unpack that materials that will stay
in this room, and then stack and organize
everything that will go into the main house. 
after it is remodeled.

The next installment of What the Beck will show
you what I have accomplished after three weeks
living in the great state of Kentucky.

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